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    Fuego Ash Tray

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    Light up your smoke sesh with the FuegoAt ashtray

    Our ashtray is equipped with a microfiber mat to make your smoking experience effortless and enjoyable. With its microfiber mat this ashtray will stay securely in place, preventing unwanted movement, even when you use it outdoors. The mat ensures that your ashtray will not move around, preventing accidental spills, and keeping your smoking area

    Equipped with a long-lasting battery life. With just one hour of charging, the ashtray can be used for up to 16 hours before needing to be charged again. The ashtray also features a safety switch to turn off the electricity, ensuring a safe and worry-free smoking experience. With this ashtray, you'll be able to enjoy a smoke sesh without the hassle of constantly replacing batteries or worrying about running out of power.

    We are proud to say our wick is a work of art. Not Just a regular cotton strand. The material (Cotton, Copper, and fiber) we use allow for wind resistance and slower burn time. you'll never struggle to light up, even when you're smoking near a fan, air conditioner, or an open window. The wick allows you to light up your cigars or cigarettes in a traditional and elegant way, giving you the perfect light every time. 

    No more worrying about where to place your joint or spliff. The three concave points on the edges of the FuegoAt Ashtray are not only functional but also a unique design feature. They are specifically designed to hold your  joints, spliffs, or blunts upright away from the ash. By keeping your smoking materials steady with concave holders. you'll experience a smooth and clean smoke sesh.

    FuegoAt, honestly the best smoking accessory, is built with safety in mind. Its anti-oxidation feature ensures that the ashtray stays in top condition, even with frequent use. The low voltage ignition system provides a safe and consistent flame, while the specially designed wiring ensures that electricity is distributed evenly, avoiding any potential hazards. With the FuegoAt ashtray, you'll be able to enjoy a smooth and clean smoke sesh for years to come. There is few goats around like Fuego Ash tray. 

    How To Use 

    1. Charge the ashtray: Before using the FuegoAt ashtray charge it if dead, It doesn’t need to be charged fully, and can operate as soon as you plug it in. (Charging cable included)
    2. Insert the wick: Take the wick and place it in the electric gate hole located on the top point of the ashtray. Make sure it's properly inserted and secure.
    3.  Add Some Zippo fluid: into the Ashtray secondary hole for Fluid Storage. (This Only Applies if you want a Longer lasting Burn on the wick. It can be used without Fluid)
    4. Turn on the ashtray: Just flip the switch. Only when removing the wick will there be indication of power. For safety reasons the power is conducted only for a few moments to ignite the wick. 
    5. Light your smoking material: Place your smokes on one of the concave holders on the ashtray's edges. Use the built-in electric and kerosene hybrid lighter to light your smoking material.
    6. Turn off the ashtray: When you're finished smoking, just flip the switch off. 
    7. Most Importantly: Enjoy your smoke 


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